Style Guide

Welcome to our style guide where you will find all the possibilities for your next beautiful custom neon signs.


In total we have 20 different colors including some pre-colored LED neon tubes you can choose from.

Backing Styles:

We have three types of backing style - The most common one is "cut to shape" as "cut to letters" is more instable.





Mixed Colors:

We even can provide you with mixed RGB LED neon signs:

Product details:

All our signs come as standart on a clear acryl back

All signs can also be ordered with a dimmer option to adjust the brightness

This is how it look when it's switched on - Just absolutely beautiful :-)!

All our signs come with a clear wire which can't be seen when light switched on

All our signs can be wall mounted, suspend or stand. If you would like to have these screws we recommend this one here on amazon as they are not included: "Advertising screws"
All signs come with the right plug fit for any shipping country (picture is just an example of a few ones)
Last but not least: All our signs are delivered in insured and padded packaging direct to your door :-)!